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Man discovers snake near Waipahu refuse center | News

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Man discovers snake near Waipahu refuse center
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Man discovers snake near Waipahu refuse center

A slithering surprise was found in Waipahu during a routine trip to the rubbish dump.

A four-foot Black Rat Snake was discovered near a stream at the Waipahu Depot Road Refuse Center on Sunday.

Moe Suesue of Nanakuli watched as the creature crawled into a hole in a concrete barrier. He stood guard over the hole for hours until two agriculture inspectors arrived.

The inspectors were able to coax the snake out, but Suesue had to rush in to grab the reptile as it climbed out of the net.

The snake is not venemous, but the species would be a big threat to birds and wildlife.

"We haven't found too many snakes in the wild and it was really beneficial that [Suesue] kept an eye on it," State Department of Agriculture Keevin Mikami said.

The snake will be kept in quarantine until it can be shipped to a zoo on the mainland.

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